What is our future worth?





Preserves is a short documentary that explores this question through one of the most biodiverse places on Earth – Yasuní National Park. Through poetic visuals, animation and a soundscape both haunting and jubilant in turns, Preserves is a journey of discovery and appreciation of the life that will be lost when an ecosystem is destroyed to provide nine days worth of petroleum for an oil-drunk world.


Tiputini Biodiversity Research Station

Tiputini Biodiversity Research StationWe visited the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in August, 2011. The Milky Way shining bright in the evenings reminded us of how far we were from any kind of modern civilization, yet so near. [more]

What is Nature worth?

What is Nature worth?In May, 2008, we traveled to Ecuador to learn more about a revolutionary idea that had been proposed in 2007. An OPEC nation proposed to never produce nearly a quarter of its oil reserves in order to protect a natural – and national – treasure, the Yasuní National Park. [more]

Biodiversity under attack

Biodiversity under attackThe Guardian provides a succinct look at the Yasuni ITT proposal. [more]

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